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tomados de la mano

To Gladys Felicia Gutiérrez
God separated us, but I still feel her spirit.

Oh, mother!
I cannot count stars.
If You do not guide me.
Set me free!
Save me!
If in disgrace you see me fall.
For those who despised your guidance
and your compassion

Forgive them!

Call them back!

Make them live embraced in your light.

in your light

in your light


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Honouring Our Loved Ones

At Celebrating Life, we want to honour our loved ones, those who are not with us anymore. We invite you to write a tribute or message to your family member, friend or colleague that passed away and your want to honour.


We will post all the tributes on our digital platform and select some of them to be read at our upcoming events in the spring.

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