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Community Activities

The main objectives of Celebrating Life 2022 are: to create a space for people of Calgary to grief in community; to celebrate together that we are here; and to inspire about the brighter future ahead of us.


Our virtual program on March 15, 2022, will be an opportunity to reflect on these objectives at the second anniversary of Covid-19, and to make the formal announcement of all the virtual and in person activities we are planning for this spring.


The spring program includes artistic and creative performances, visits to the cemetery, digital tributes, community gatherings and other different activities taking place virtually and in person around our city.

Concert violin players

Artistic Presentations

With the support of our Host Venue Community Partners, we will be hosting keynote artistic events in downtown and City of Calgary quadrants that will include artistic presentations including music, storytelling, performances, etc.


Cemetery Visits

Host cemetery Community Partners will invite people to bring a flower to their loved ones, and host a musical presentation for visitors to celebrate joyfully. 


Community Gatherings

We will be hosting/encouraging community  gatherings around the city, where families can enjoy an outdoor get together to celebrate the future.


Share a Picture

Share a joyful picture of a loved one. We will be creating a collage of photos to honour those that are not with us anymore.

Writing with Pen

Write a Tribute

Write a tribute to your family member or friend to remind them that they are still in our hearts. 


Create an Altar

Create an altar based on the Mexican tradition of Dia de Muertos. Learn how to create your personal altar.

A Toolkit for Grief Banner (2 × 3 in) (3

A Toolkit for Grief

Every person, and every community, has experienced some type of loss since the pandemic began in early 2020. Grief is a natural human experience that we may be feeling. This toolkit is to help us think, act, and change through our grief stories, making them meaningful to us and our communities.

Modern Dance

Artists Profiles

We want to thank all the artistic community that will be participating at Celebrating Life. Learn more about who they are and support their artistic journey here.

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Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life 2022 will be an iconic event where the citizens of Calgary will have the opportunity to mourn together honouring the lives of those who are not physically with us anymore, and at the same time to celebrate our life and reflect on the immense possibilities moving forward.


Let's Mourn and Celebrate Together!

Upcoming Events

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